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Dragonfly Farms

Located in Louisa, VA, Dragonfly Farms produces all-natural beef and lamb that are 100% grass fed and grass finished. They have also received a number of awards for their environmental stewardship, including the Farm Aide award and the Environmental stewardship award. Their beef and lamb are some of the best you will find in Virginia. Learn more by clicking here.

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Beef and lamb are 100% grassfed and grass finished

Grass finished and grass fed lamb and beef are both terms used to describe meat that is raised on pasture and fed grass. This can be a confusing subject, but you can know what you are buying by figuring out who is growing your food.

Dragonfly Farms, located in Louisa County, Virginia, produces healthy food and improves the environment. The farm has won numerous environmental stewardship awards and uses regenerative grazing practices.

Dragonfly Farms raises grass fed and grass finished lamb and beef. Their beef is raised on native grasses and clovers. This provides the meat with a mild flavor. Their pork is also pastured and grain finished. Their meat is antibiotic free and raised without hormones.

Dragonfly Farms was founded in 2007 by Bruce and Katherine Johnson. They are a husband and wife team that focuses on environmental stewardship and animal welfare. They also focus on breeding selection and grazing management. They have a total of 300 acres of pasture to graze their livestock on. Explore more!

Environmental stewardship awards

Located in Central Virginia, Dragonfly Farms is a small family owned operation that produces grassfed lamb, beef, and pork. The pork is pastured and fed non-GMO grain, while the lamb is completely grassfed. The farm produces nutritious food that supports the local economy while helping the environment in the process.

Dragonfly Farms has been recognized with several environmental stewardship awards. It’s a 54 acre farm that grazes 440 acres, producing beef and lamb that is both tasty and nutritious. In addition to producing quality meat, Dragonfly Farms has taken steps to improve the genetics of sheep. They’re a member of the Virginia Farmer of the Year program in 2020.

The award program is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, along with a number of conservation districts. Each year, 10 grand winners are chosen from the state’s major river basins. A large number of awards are presented to deserving farmers, many of whom are role models for the agricultural community.

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There are two different races for kids: the Mud Factor race and the Kids Run the Farm. The Mud Factor race offers a shorter course for younger kids, while the Kids Run the Farm is a more challenging course for older children. Next article.



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