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Investing in Waterfront Properties with Elizabeth Shepard Realty

Waterfront properties are highly sought after for their luxurious construction and lusciously unique views. Their value never goes unnoticed, and tend to hold their value better than traditional homes, so they will always be a worthy investment in the housing market.

Elizabeth is a locally licensed realty that has been licensed since 2009. Being in the real estate business for over 12 years, Elizabeth is a highly experienced agent that can alleviate any stress related to buying or selling a home.

For over 15 years, she has helped investors achieve their unique goals, offering dedicated attention and unparalleled insight regarding the local community’s real estate market. Elizabeth specializes in waterfront property in Lake Anna and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for insights on how to get started investing in lake homes, Elizabeth is a local expert with over a decade of market research in northern Virginia.

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What to Think About When Investing in Real Estate

  • What are your goals?: The key to investing success, especially in real estate, is to understand what you’re hoping to accomplish in doing so.
  • Monitor your budget and cashflow: Knowing how much money you can leverage and where your money is going, as well is how much money is coming from active vs. passive income, will help you make informed financial decisions.
  • What is the state of the market?: Opportunists will look into the state of the market before buying a lake house or other property. Purchasing a waterfront property at a low cost could give you an opportunity to make significant gains in the future.
  • Understand the costs of investing: Investments are more than just buying and selling. Amid appraisal fees, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance costs, taxes, and more, waterfront homes can become a costly business to invest in if not done correctly
  • Monitor ROIs: To be successful in investing it’s important to gauge the long-term growth of your assets to make sure you’re getting the return you should be
  • Understand the risks: The single biggest risk when investing in real estate is that they are not liquid investments. Liquid investments can be bought and sold at anytime, but real estate properties take time to buy and sell. The market and the economy will directly impact whether or not your property will retain its value, and how long it will take to be sold
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Home Rental Service

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Home buyers need an experienced real estate professional to work with them when buying a waterfront property. Buying a lake house or other home is a challenging yet rewarding achievement when handled with care. For help when buying a home, contact Elizabeth today.

If you are looking to waterfront real estate in northern Virginia, Elizabeth provides professional assistance. Elizabeth is a seasoned local real estate agent with an expertise in the Virginia housing market. For more information, schedule a consultation today!